Introduction to UK Office

The UK office of Sino-UK (Dalian) Innovative Park is set up for UK companies or UK institutions that wish to cooperate with China. British companies are mainly concerned about the following aspects of entering the Chinese market: such as the establishment of the company, the protection of intellectual property rights, staff recruitment, cooperation with Chinese companies, import and export of products and supplies, and repatriation of profits and other financial issues. These are obstacles for British companies to enter the Chinese market. The UK office can provide best solutions for above.

The UK office has received support from all levels of the UK and China and has become the “soft landing” that the UK has been looking for so far. The UK office is organized by experienced businessmen. They understand the business environment of China and UK, and sincerely welcome companies with cooperative intentions.

The UK office is located in Coventry, the UK manufacturing center, serving all UK companies interested in China and recommending suitable Chinese institutions and contacts. The UK office will work together with Dalian to promote cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and British companies.

Phone:0300 3034162 / Fax: 0300 3034163


Address:EC2.1d Enterprise Centre Coventry University Technology Park Puma Way Coventry CV1 2TT