Investment Cost

Principal/projectPension insuranceOccupational insuranceMaternity insuranceMedical insuranceUnemployment insuranceProvident fund



Price of standard plant0.30 yuan/day/㎡
Price of R&D building100k yuan/building/year
Price of complex building1 yuan/day/㎡
Housing depositThe plant is 20,000 yuan/building   R&D building is 10,000 yuan/building

Water supply

Construction price of production plantCostcharges for disposing pollutants
Industrial water3.2 yuan/m³1.4 yuan/m³
Domestic water1.8 yuan/m³0.95/m³

Gas supply

Construction price of production plantPrice
Industrial gas4.3 yuan/m³
Life gas5 yuan/m³


ProjectsOffice calls (monthly rent)Residential calls (monthly rent)International calls (call charge)Domestic calls (call charge)Local telephone chargesUrban telephone
Charges35 yuan / month18 yuan / month0.8 yuan /6 seconds0.07 yuan /6 seconds0.2 yuan for the first 3 minutes, 0.1 yuan / minute after the first 3 minutes0.4 yuan/min

Power supply

Electricity price (Yuan/kWh)Classification of electricity usage
Below 1 kv1-10 kv20 kvBelow 35-110 kv110 kv220 kv and aboveMaximum demand (yuan /kw/ month)Transformer capacity (yuan /kva/ month)
Household electricity consumption0.50.490.490.49


Industrial electricity
Note: For peak-valley time-of-use prices, peak hours: 8: 00-11: 00 and 17: 00-22: 00 electricity prices go up 50%; low hours: 22: 00-5: 00 (next day) electricity prices go down 50%; the electricity prices for the rest time remain unchanged