Rental of plants

New Materials Industry Incubation Park is located on the west side of Yinxing Road and the south side of Dingxiang Street in Huayuankou Economic Zone. It consists of 28 single buildings, including a complex building, a R&D building, a plat and a laboratory.

Land area45171.74 m2
Overall floorage41321.52m2
Ground floor area41321.52m2Heat exchange station 172 m2     1# substation 145m2     2# substation 131m2     Pressurized pump room 74m2
Plant area17027.24m2
Plot ratio0.91
Building density35.1%
Ratio of green space/greening rate14.8%
Parking spaces114个There are 101 parking spaces for small cars and 13 parking spaces for trucks.

The Sino-UK (Dalian) Innovative Park provides the following standard plant usage modes:
Self-built, agent-construction, rent, rent-to-own