Manufacturing Services

Smart cloud: The buildings and public facilities are to be associated together and optimized in a unified way, and artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, Internet of Things and big data are planned to be implemented and used to realize intelligent and efficient management of the park.

Incubator: There will be specific “Incubation Centres” developed and constructed to support industrial plants and storage logistics parks that meet international standards and provide diversified and flexible facilities. They will be available as ready-built,  self-construction, agent-construction, rent, rent-to-own, etc., and provide production and business premises for aggregated development of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises and British investment projects.

Green finance: Finance facilities will be available which will be led by the government, combining with the UK’s market-oriented green finance development model, learning from international methods and tools in assessing the environmental costs and benefits of projects, continuously improving the green finance construction of financial institutions and investors, and thus promoting green development in all areas of industry..

Business logistics: There will be a focus on the development of business logistics centres, focusing on industry requirements with commercial plazas, intelligent highways, distribution centers, warehousing and storage, e-commerce platforms and associated communications systems. These will provide international business logistics services for Sino-British trade.