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International Education: Bringing together the best of Dalian and British educational resources, there is a focus on developing international kindergartens, international primary and secondary schools, international vocational colleges, education and training centers, higher education communities, and scientific and technological R&D institutions.

British Town: There is to be investment to bring to Dalian relevant facilities, such as living and leisure areas, shopping centers, community cultural centers, sports centers, waterfront parks, and rural complexes with Britain characteristics.

International Health Care: Focus on the introduction of high-quality international medical resources such as precision medical treatment, third-party professional services, new medical and health services, high-end testing and mobile medical treatment, with British links, companies and expertise.

Five-star Hotel: Relying on the beautiful coastal tourism resources, a five-star high-end  hotel is to be built integrating all areas of vacation, leisure and entertainment, business meetings and associated facilities.