Dalian’s entertainment is a mixture of the modern and traditional and complement each other, making people happy and reluctant to leave.

Hunting in the wild is an exciting recreational activity. The Jinshi International Hunting Club has hunting areas, small-bore rifle shooting areas, archery ranges, etc. It offers a variety of forest hunting, shooting and other recreational activities. You can go there to hunt in spring and autumn, or you can hunt wild animals and birds such as pheasants, hares, black chickens, roe deer and goats.

You can freely enjoy famous karting in the Disc Kart Hall in the prosperous western district of Dalian.

In addition, you can also enjoy wonderful artistic performances from all over the world without going abroad during Dalian’s annual locust viewing meeting and International Garment & Textile Fair. At that time, famous domestic and foreign performance groups, artists, singers, dancers, performers, conductors, supermodels, etc., are invited to perform, all gathering in Dalian.