Dalian is the warmest city in the northeast and a famous tourist city in northern China.  The climate here is pleasant and the scenery is charming. 

The reef in the coastal bay is strewn at random with interesting landscapes and natural structures.  Featuring blue sky, blue sea, white sand and black reef, it forms an elegant and beautiful seaside scenery.

Dalian is also rich in products and resources. In addition to the fresh fish and shrimps unique to the harbor city, it is also known as the “hometown of apples”.

Dalian has many international festivals such as the International Garment & Textile Fair, Dalian Marathon, Dalian International Beer Festival, Dalian International Walking Festival, Dalian International Beach Culture Festival, International Hot Spring Skiing Festival, and many more.

Dalian has two national 5A scenic spots and many national 4A scenic spots. Perhaps you like to wander in the green mountains, watch the performance of the native marine animals, sense the liveliness and vitality of the land animals, face the magnificent sea, enjoy the sunny beaches, walk through the theme parks like fairy tale world, embrace the warm hot springs of the four seasons, experience the leisure and pleasant picking and pastoral customs, photograph the endless sea of flowers, challenge the wind and waves by sailing and fishing that challenge ... Here are Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park, Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World , Lvshunkou Baiyu Mountain Scenic Area, Jinshitan National Tourism Resort, Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park, Dalian Forest Zoo, Dalian Sweetland Tourist Resort, Dalian Jiangjunshi Resort, Lvshun Colorful Nanshan Scenic Area, Dalian Minghu Hot Springs Resort and Zhuanghe Bingyugou Scenic Area. Dalian, there is always something you like and you can never tire of watching it.