Dalian Bolong New Material Co., Ltd.(BNM)


The total investment is 460 million yuan, covering 123,000 square meters.

It produces vanadium oxide, vanadate, vanadium energy storage medium, etc., with international leading quality.

Its products are aimed at emerging markets such as aviation, energy and chemical industry, serving the fields of new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and new materials.

The market share accounts for more than 60% of the world’s total.

Production capacity of 3000 tons/year (based on V2O5)

It has achieved the industrial production of high-purity vanadium energy storage medium

It takes the leading position of vanadium energy storage medium product

It has fully independent intellectual property rights

It cooperated with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences to carry out industry-university-research cooperation.

It is a first enterprise to produce vanadium energy storage medium on a large scale in the world

It is the largest professional manufacturer of high-performance vanadium products with the highest production capacity and equipment in the world

It has the largest vanadium electrolyte production line in the world

It is a national high-tech enterprise

Granular vanadium, high purity vanadium trioxide and high bulk specific gravity ammonium metavanadate have won evaluation of Liaoning  “Special Innovation” Products

Vanadium electrolyte ranks famous brand products in Dalian